[VIDEO] Born – Figgaz (Produced by ILL Instrumentals)

Born is a Hip Hop recording artist from Boston, Massachusetts.

Born took a liking to music at the age of 11 after watching his older brothers freestyle and beat battle in the project hallways. He soon built up the courage to join in and became known in his neighborhood as the youngest emcee, often recognized for his lyrical wordplay.

Dominican and African American descent, Born grew accustomed to all likes of music such as jazz, reggaeton, rap, soul, and R&B, all of which has influenced his appreciation for the art of music itself.

In 2012, Born joined forces with fellow Boston artist, G Dot to release a duo project, Fam Radio Vol. 1. The project was instantly embraced as a success and caught the attention of Hip Hop legend & Boston’s own Edo G, who later served as a mentor for Born.

In the years to follow, Born released his first music video and 3 more collab mixtapes with G Dot – Fam Radio VOL. 1, VOL. 2, & Audible Cons VOL. 1. Both projects became instant classics worldwide, prompting them to release 2 albums, Confidence Presents & Oyoshe Presents, establishing global recognition in countries like Chile, Berlin, and Naple.

Born later released his solo project, Born Flexin, which earned him over a millions views for his 2 singles, “Haters” & “Making Tracks”.

Born headlined several tours in Europe and China from 2013 to 2015, dominating the underground Hip Hop scene.

Born is now focusing on gaining attention in the United States and is currently working on new mixtape, NASA Vol. 1, which will release later this year. The project will feature a collab track with Quavo (Migos) and production from Dun Deal, Zaytoven, and several upcoming producers. The first single from the project, “I Do It My Way” has already been called an anthem from several DJs and tastemakers within the music industry. The official music video was shot by popular videographer, Keemotion and will release this next week.

IG: @God_born

Twitter: @God_borncipher