[Video] Raphael Ratliff – Money Train @RaphaelRatliff1


Raphael Ratliff born in Pageland, South Carolina and migrated to the small town of Rock Hill, South Carolina. Within the earlier stages of life, Ratliff became lyrically inspired to transform his musical talents into a future. Alongside participating in church events, Ratliff showcases his abilities in club performances and talent shows performing his latest self-made hit singles. Ratliff has performed as the opening act for several established artists such as: Yo Gotti, TI’s artist Big Kountry Kane, SnootieWild, Kirko Bangs, Pastor Troy, and Rico Love.
Driven by the struggles of his upbringing, Ratliff is differentiated by his work ethic, perseverance, and natural ability to produce hits. Ratliff’s unfortunate life experiences of growing up experiencing a lack of water, no toilet, boarded windows, tin front doors, and no electricity has lyrically inspired Ratliff. Ratliff’s latest hit single “Money Train” expresses the struggle of his background in various dimensions, attracting listeners in a sentimental yet contemporary aspect. Ratliff sparked the attention of the social media audience when the hit single and musical video for “Money Train” took effect on many listeners and supporters. “Money Train” has captivated a diverse group of listeners allowing Ratliff to become one of the most publicized and relevant R & B artists within his area. Ratliff continues to search for musical perfection as he plans to persist on producing quality hits that contour to the 21st century R & B artist.