CEO Verse sets his eyes on the Strip clubs with new single “Hittin Like”

When you’re an artist making money in your city, you take advantage of opportunities where you can celebrate your successes. One of the places a money maker will drop a few bands is the Strip Club. What makes the experience even better is when you have music that makes the strip club turn up all while you make it rain on the woman you want to take home.

Ceo Verse is an artist out of Richmond, VA who has been putting on for his city for a very long time. This More Than a Dream management artist is focused on nothing but the bag and when it’s time to celebrate he reminds you what its “Hittin Like“. Teaming up with producer Everybody Know Stroud he creates a club heater properly titled “Hittin Like”

The single is focused on the lady he has his eyes on in the Strip club knowing she is a boss like him by the way she moves and talks. Although the strip club is her everyday hustle like him, she knows what its “Hittin Like” and all he wants to do is have private fun with no strings attached. Bottom line two bosses understand the vibes and the life that comes with it.

With this song Ceo Verse has put pressure on all other club heaters currently in rotation because any money maker will relate to the life he speaks about in the song. Once you are locked in there is no turning back. Make sure you stream the single now on all digital platforms.

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Instagram @ceo_verse