Golden Animal has his Eyes Set on Taking Over The Industry with Latest Single “How I Feel”

Golden Animal age 22, hails from Pompano Beach, FL born on May 15th 1999. Growing up in Pompano Beach FL, he experienced the good, the bad and the ugly of the city. Ambitious and unturned he found himself moving from school to school as he struggled in and out of juvenile detention. While his mother and him are very close now that wasn’t always the case for him and his siblings. Golden is the second youngest of 9 children. He recalls being separated from his mother at an early age which led him down the same path many youth trail down when they experience a traumatic childhood experience being taken away from their parents. Rather than continue down the same path as most young men his age he turned his anger into verses, politics into poetry, and reshaped and rebranded his life with music.

Music for him is an outlet and form of expression where he can release the good days and the bad days on a track. His message is very clear. He portrays his reality in his music. He wants other upcoming rappers to know when it comes to the music there are really ones living the music we dance to that make us all feel just a tad bit gangster. While it’s a good time for most listeners it’s Golden’s reality. His music showcases his own personal experiences. Golden admires and relates closely to the rapper Boosie and Future. Boosie embodies everything Golden stands for down to Boosie’s Fade. Future’s lyrical content lands him as the second rapper Golden respects and strives to work with.
When Golden isn’t working in the studio you can find him making up for lost time with his brothers, sisters, his daughter, and his mom. He is no stranger to pain and violence. The young rapper has lost at least 85% of the people that he knows due to gun violence. He considers himself the last one standing. If he could speak to people growing up the same way he did in and out of foster homes, he would encourage them to focus on their money and cut everything else out. Golden strongly believes that women and friends won’t support only finances should be valued. He certainly has a reason to feel this way having watched his brother die at age 24 and never have any kids, or really get to experience life.
So what is the motivation for someone like Golden? He is motivated simply by waking up everyday and being able to go to the studio and express himself. He has a lady in his life but she shall remain nameless as he wants to keep his love life private. He is also motivated by money, which is also the name of his label. He started a label before but didn’t know about copyrighting and learned some valuable lessons. He is now rebranding and rebuilding. Golden aspires to work with Future, Adele, Taylor Swift and every other artist from A to Z . He wants to experience all genres, and get his music overseas. The young entrepreneur is very interested in acting and modeling as long as he doesn’t have to dye his hair. Dying hair will be the last of this young successful rap star’s concerns. He has the ear of the streets and the support of an empire. Follow him now, not later!