(EP) Tiffany Devonish – ‘Tis the Season @TiffanyDevonish


Born in Montreal, Quebec, Tiffany Devonish started singing at the tender age of five in junior choir at church. Currently living in Ottawa, she progressed to participating fully within the community while participating in musical theatre, various shows and weddings. With inspirations such as Beyoncé and Tori Kelly, Tiffany quickly fell in love with music. As a singer she was able to stretch her musical abilities and eventually flourished into a vibrant solo artist. She has explored many styles of music including pop, r&b, contemporary gospel,and country. Along with being a talented artist, Tiffany is an honours law student at Carleton University. With a soulful voice and a youthful sound, Tiffany Devonish is all about authenticity. While she often writes about love and its tribulations, her project is equally about the journey to self-love.

For this holiday season, Tiffany decided to gift us with graceful, ear-candy R&B/Soul takes on her favourite Christmas classics. Pure yet powerful, soulful and effortless, her vocals meshed with impeccable production, ‘Tis The Season’ gives a modern twist on maybe overheard but never tiring holiday music. Tiffany proves us once again that age is just a number, singing with the chops of our greatest songstress, such as Aretha Franklin.

‘Last Christmas’ introduces Tiffany Devonish’s ‘Tis the Season’: A song where the long-awaited Xmas atmosphere merges into R&B melodies. A beautiful journey through George Michael’s old classic accompanied by a soul, embracing voice, that immerses us into this season’s thrills, with sparkle, love, and enthusiasm. Tiffany’s version brings us through a rollercoaster of emotions, thanks to her voice that moves so easily between highs and lows with clutching vibes and singable harmonies. It’s easy to lose yourself within her flawless mastery of vocalization, as she creates the perfect mood. A must have and listen not only for this holiday season but every year’s.


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