[Video] Trouble ft Spodee – Traffic @TroubleDTE @SpodeeOTM

In The Traffic Video…
2016 could be Trouble’s year. The veteran Atlanta rapper has had the streets’ attention for a while now. An unapologetic product of Atlanta’s criminal underbelly, Trouble has risen above his circumstances while keeping both feet planted firmly in position as a representative of his environment. Never one to sugarcoat life’s harsh realities, Trouble uses this video to show what many do for survival or in the name of flossing.

This visual, shot by Keemotion and The Picture Man captures a robbery in progress as Trouble enlists fellow Atlantan & street poet Spodee for backup literally & lyrically. Spodee has been building up his own momentum with his Trench Music series after a not so amicable split with Grand Hustle last year. In true fighting spirit, Spodee hasn’t looked back to wonder what might have been, instead rushing forward towards his future the same way they rush towards the money in this robbery/video.

Showcasing a classic back & forth flow, the pace of the music is in perfect stride with the video as we move through the Atlanta streets with Trouble & Spodee to hit this lick. The high energy and fast paced song is from this May’s ‘Skoobzilla’ project . Traffic will definitely appeal to those who are fans of gritty street tales, a topic that both Trouble & Spodee know all too well.

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