[Video] Mr MooQ ‘Retro Girl’ | @mr_mooq

Mr. MooQ, an artist that has been shrouded in a mysterious persona, sometimes an enigma, more times a witty and vibrant living commentary on musicx taking a direction of curious infamy, has released a new video.

His latest creation Retro Girl has only been available to view on his YouTube channel, and on streaming platforms for a short time, and it has already garnered the attention of the Independent music scene and is the talk of the trade.

Retro Girl is a romantic song that takes you into his heart, to see his love as she was, and freezes that image in time, forever young and beautiful, to dance and love as one for all eternity.

In consideration, I would place Mr. MooQ in the same musical realms of his contemporary artists, the late Warren Zevon and the prolific Randy Newman. Both mentioned artist are known for their works including pays on words, creative analogues and taking music and prose to create audio paintings that morph into mental images that entertain and inspire.

This latest track is the first since the release of his last song titled “No One”, which listed as the top track in the much respected Digital Radio Tracker chart for the Top 150 Independent Airplay Chart for Independent Music released this season.

While presently listing favorably in the Global Top 200 chart simultaneously, it is no surprise that given his musical talent and pedigree of experience, the amazing and mysterious Mr. MooQ shows his fans old and new a brighter side of melodic bliss and continues to traverse the edge of creativity.

Mr. MooQ writes and produces music alive with “feeling.” His thought-provoking lyrics are sung with a different spin, combining beautiful melodies with powerful grooves. Though the beats may change and the production will vary, every song tells a story and is written from the heart.

For as long as he can remember, Mr. MooQ has always felt a passion and a flair for the creativity of music coursing through his soul. No matter the day’s activities and distractions it seemed music was ever present with melodies and lyrics in his thought processes. So it was natural for him as he grew older to explore how he could incorporate music more fully into his life.

As an award winning musical artist and performer, he has enjoyed the accolades of success, including a Cleo in the advertising industry and developing music for numerous industries and commercial productions. He became sought out for his production talents, but still stove for perfecting his personal genre and style.

Mr. MooQ has refined his musical sound into a hybrid genre that he refers to as EDM-Lite/Synth/Pop, evolving it to the next level. Calling upon his life experiences, this new music reflects on life’s intricacies and nuances combining thoughtful and witty lyrics with catchy melodies that often are very ‘danceable’, but also thought provoking.

Check out Mr. MooQ’s latest musical efforts. You might just find that musical voice for which you have been looking.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KHRp_NsSd8]Also be on the look out for his Halloween  tune Return to the house of Wax ft The New Occupants Slated to be released Sept 15th



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