[Video]- Desi Dezz X Ellie – “Young MA Types” @Desidezzmusic

Saint Louis Native Desi Dezz displays it all in “Young MA Types”.

Desi Dezz first clenched attention when his song “Cash Out” appeared on HipHopDX last year. Now, he returns with a new song titled
“Young MA Types”. The track is an epode of vibrant lyrics and catchy hip beats. The video starts off with girls soaking in, the enjoyment of a Jacuzzi with balloons, drinks, along with Desi taking in the excitement. The scene transitions to flamboyant images with ladies ready to party, complimented with solid animation to keep your eyes plastered to the screen.

You could say music was his second love. Desi used getting cut from a basketball team, as motivation to take his music serious. Raised on a rough side of town by a single mother, Desi was determined to make a better life for himself and others around him. In 2015, Dezz made a Youtube video with graphic images of himself freestyling at gunpoint. This video started to circulate and slightly boosted his music career. Not too long after he released his first single titled “Cash Out.” It received radio play in Saint Louis and, blogs began to pick up the song, and pointed out it had a “Beasty west coast vibe.

His entire demeanor is very smooth pretty boyish, with swag slurred lyrics who rap/sings about the types of girls he likes to hang out with.