TRIO! Is a song by Escovar that is going crazy right now on social media

LeVar Dale stage name Escovar is an American HipHop artist from the Mecca of HipHop “The Boogie down Bronx.“ The song Trio is a follow up to the first single that was released off the album “Life and crimes of Escovar“ called “High Frequency“ featuring Jadakiss. Club banger! TRIO! When played, it will shake the room and get everyone on the dance floor. Catchy, Different, so much that every time I see three of anything I yell “TRIO!” Anthem for people like me who get tired of the normal one on one. This is a tune not only polygamist minded can enjoy but those who love or wish to live life in abundance. This is the 2021 Lean Back. The video has independently reached over 100k views on Youtube and Spotify. Escovar has released two Albums and a mixtape just over the summer. I asked Escovar what he’s got going on right now and he replied short “Album Mode“. Escovar is a Beast!