@thenameisyung – “I Wish”

Recently Cali rapper OFB Yung released the visual for his song “I Wish” where he imagines all his wishes granted.
Having released four mixtapes, OFB Yung keeps applying the pressure with his most recent visual which can be found on his mixtape, God’s Plan. With the OFB in his name signifying “Out for Bands,” OFB Yung has always lived up to his name, rapping since he was 14 and developing a reputation for wearing a lot of jewelry when he was high school. 
Tying in political jabs at Donald Trump for shutting down the government, OFB Yung finds a way to relate to the youth looking to find a way and earn a income in America in 2019. 

 “I wish” is produced by  a guy bay the name of Talent, and the song is on all platforms right now,” OFB Yung said. “I’ve had features with Jim Jones and a host of artist out in Cali but other than him it’s been all me.”

“I’ve performed all around the world, the US, as well as over seas. I’m in Dubai more than anything but lately I’ve been doing shows out on the West Coast a lot like in Arizona and Cali.”

Looking foward to the first week of March, OFB Yung has shows March 6th in Los Angeles, March 7th in Anaheim and March 8th in San Diego.