Stunna Dior Pays Homage To Legendary Designers in New Visuals For Big Dogg

Stunna Dior blesses her fans with a new dripped out visual for new hit “Big Dogg” Featuring KE Goddess Directed by ComatoseRose. It’s evident that Stunna Dior Wants to prove a point with this new offering “Big Dogg”. From furs from Daniel leathers with matching Lamborghini Uris to custom designs and adornments by Zipel NYC, “Big Dogg” offers a glimpse into Stunna’s world. With the essence of Money Power Respect, Stunna and K Goddess Show they will take success by any means. Viewers will be visually pleased and get hooked on the sound and vibe getting a healthy mix of glam and grit. The ladies show they are nothing to play with while understanding how to flex when they have to.

Stream Stunna Dior- Big Dogg Now Featuring K Goddess