[Single] Wess Official ‘Shattered Pieces’

Introduction of the person behind the masterpiece “Shattered Pieces ”

More about the music artist Wess Official

As soon as he was released from the level six Program as a juvenile in 2010, Wess Official of Miami, Florida, began a career in the arts. He is passionate about his music and wants the world to know it. He enjoys collaborating with other artists and will go to any lengths to push them and himself to the next level. He has adopted as his guiding principle the idea that he can succeed at everything by simply being himself.

Wess official’s motivation for wanting to be a musician.

He was 17 then, but he had always been genuine and focused on his singing. He used to make up songs with his cousins and friends, and that’s when I knew he had a natural talent for music. He enjoyed the time he spent listening to music. After coming to terms with his interest in music, he released his debut single, “calculate N Chop,” in 2011. Young Jeezy and Gucci Mane are his favorite musicians because he can always relate to them. He wants to work with a legitimate firm when he does his first assignment. His anticipated commercial debut is set for the year 2022. Since support from local DJs also benefits the artist, he receives that support as a musician. So far he has launched two videos on his you tube channel. His songs are also available on spotify.

The motive for writing “Shattered Pieces.”

Wess has released a new song called “Shattered Pieces” as part of his album “Toxic.” His nasty breakup with his ex-girlfriend served as inspiration for this song. He decided to write songs for his album based only on his experiences, emotions, and insights. In this way, he uses music to convey his innermost feelings. He looked up to artists like Gucci Mane, Nipsey Hussle, and Snoop Dogg in his youth.

Expectations for the Future

In 2023, he hopes to release some significant songs but take it to the next level; he wants to upgrade his skill by collaborating with prominent record labels and hotter and more creative artists. Like every other musician, he hopes his song will eventually reach the top of the charts. Although he has not yet served as an opening act for a major recording artist, he has plans to do so shortly. One of his goals in life is to make it big as a musician and perform in a rolling loud.

Instagram: @wess_official29

Twitter: @snoupeofficial3