[Single] Shyan Selah ‘Mother Mary’

Shyan Selah continues to bring the heat in 2022 with MOTHER MARY, a track dedicated to the revolutionaries, both past and current, who’ve fought for righteousness and justice.

Shyan’s new single “Mother Mary” is a vibe unto itself. A provocatively soulful look into black culture in America that will cause music lovers to reflect on the times we’re in. A soulful rallying call to black men in particular, the title is reflective of the persecuted sons of black mothers brave enough to step out and risk any and everything.

Selah rocks this track with a masterful rhyme style and message. Hints of satire are crafted into the emcee delivery and embedded into each verse while the chorus moves the song into a melodic and soulful prayer. “Mother Mary” inspires you to seriously consider life as it is and where it will go from this point.

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