[Single] Prezz – We Gon Make it (official PRESSURE SERIES soundtrack)

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Ready for the next anthem to take over the airwaves? Then look no further up and coming Georgia native, rap artist PREZZ has just delivered the next powerful ballet for the culture! “We Gon Make It” is the break out single off the new hit series PRESSURE soundtrack. The single is a powerful combination of Atlanta producer Mondo hard hitting production and PREZZ raw lyrics that leave you screaming “We gon make it! We gon make it!”. This is just the start for PREZ with the support of Street Execs behind him and the city of Atlanta, which is currently the hot bed for setting the next trends in the industry right in his backyard the sky is the limit for this hot new artist! Check out the new hit single available now!

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As we gear up for one the hottest weekends in the music industry, Grammy weekend, it’s only right to kick it off by releasing a iconic visual from a new artist that by far has the next big anthem out of the south. Georgia native PREZZ has just released his new visual “We Gon Make It” with the help of Street Execs Wehardproductions. The visual is a rare glimpse into the other side of Georgia that is so less glamorized than the current image of the states “Hollywood” Atlanta City. PREZZtakes us back to his small hometown, Wadley, roughly 2 hours outside of the city to bring to life the raw lyrics of the track. If you weren’t already a fan of this song then go ahead and say it “you’re welcome” because this visual invokes a feeling in your gut that travels up and out of your mouth screaming “We Gon Make It! We Gon Make It!” Check out the new visual out now!