[Single] H.B Almighty ‘Yours’

My name is AJ Henry, I’m a 25-year-old independent artist that goes by the stage name of H.B Almighty. I was raised in Roosevelt Long Island NY and gained a major love for music since I was young. Growing up I was always in church, and I gained the love for all kinds of instruments which makes me a threat to this industry. I have played the organ, drums, bass, keyboard and even the guitar. Having the music background that I have and playing many instruments along with the spiritual ability to be in the church it has allowed me to travel and network with different talented gospel artist like myself. During the pandemic I caught covid and it allowed me to sit and have the space to think and build my brand on what I love most, and that’s music. Growing up I had a group of longtime friends that would call me HB as a childhood nickname. I decided to take this nickname and soon start my own record label, Heart-Breaker label. I have a vision to show my talents to the world and bring something new to the industry along with a fresh face and a fresh sound. I told myself when I heal from COVID I’m going to expand my talents and make my family proud, especially my grandmother who passed away in 2019 from cancer. My grandmother was my inspiration on days when I wanted to give up, she kept me motivated and for that I owe her so much. Some of the music I have out now that can be found on all platforms is Take a Minute, Overtime, and my EP Dear Journal part 1. With my bright future and unlimited talent, I’m going to need the industry to watch out for me because H.B Almighty is coming for EVERYTHING!

Instagram: @al.miiighty