[Single] Big 7ven – No Doubt About It @Big_7ven

A solo mission to impact the world.
Big 7ven, otherwise known as Kevin Jones, knows exactly who he is and where he came from. Ask him about his music or his career, and his answers come easily, with an unapologetic honestly that has become one of his trademarks as he approaches the next phase in his career. Starting out in the late 90′s in his hometown of Louisville, KY, what began as something to do in the hallways at school has turned in to a career. Big 7ven has released 3 nationally distrubted albums and has worked with numerous national acts such as collaborations with platinum Grammy nominated group Nappy Roots.
Compared to with the likes of David Banner and T.I., Big 7ven does a good job of keeping it all in perspective, knowing you are as only as hot as your last song and that fans can both make and brake you.

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