Official Premier – Pressure The Series

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The time has finally come for the world to be introduced to the next big series of 2017 PRESSURE. Atlanta, Georgia is the hottest city to be in right now if you’re looking to pursue your dreams then this is the hot bed for dream chasers and the creators of the new series are a shining example of this. We Hard Productions is a team of creative individuals who are on the cutting edge of Atlanta’s culture especially the notorious street scene. Creator Allen Parks took his knowledge of the streets and used his own resources around him to create one of the most authentic original content series. A original SeeTheSound content series written and directed, by Howard “HdotRoss” and produced by We Hard Productions. The series is starring James “Rilow” Riley Jr., Leon “Cap 1” Smith, Jasiel “Yung Joc” Robinson, and Sean Baker. Introducing George Cash Boykins, Kedral “Young Booke” Long Jr., Kiara Woods, and Brii Renee. The series is a suspenseful thriller full of revenge, greed, hustling, secrets and the unforeseen twists and turns that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Based in the streets of Atlanta, Georgia the series consists of all original content created by the series writers and production team We Hard Productions. The soundtrack was all created around the series at Street Execs Studios. Each track features indie artists who worked hands on with SeeTheSound to the help paint a picture of the series through music. Tune in every wednesday at 7pm EST/ on

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