Phenomenal – “January” | @BigEarsGlenn

Twenty year old New Jersey rapper Phenomenal presents “January”, a ten track mixtape effort. For the project, he lands a nice round of features including Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire, Johnny Watkins, Young Dirty Bastard and more. For the production side of things, P leans towards Paperwave and Soma for a good number of tracks. For the Olivia Riggio-assisted “January 64”, he even provides a self-produced beat for the number. Prepare to hear tracks full of guitars, Hip Hop driven drums and a wide variety of flows.

He bears his heart on his sleeve in the dedication record, “One More Day”. The rising artist can also mold radio friendly singles full of mass lyricism like on the intro cut, “Hey”. Then there’s “Midnight”, the late night contemplation track featuring a buttery chorus by Dan Robinson. From coping with the death of a good friend to chasing dreams , Phenomenal presents his story thru poetry and multi syllable delivery. “January” is now available to stream courtesy of Spotify.