New R&B Star Mashich “Special Affair”

Fa Sho Fire Entertainment has signed a new R&B star. The Philly based label has been grooming a fresh new talent from their own backyard by the name of Mashich. Wanting to continue the legacy of Philly’s historical music history. From Grammy winners Gamble and Huff to other numerous legends, the production team known as A.M.O. productions came together to produce Mashich’s new single “Special Affair”.

Special Affair also features another rising Philly artist known as Dejah B and speaking on this single Mashich explains “It’s a record that holds a special place in my heart. I absolutely enjoyed and appreciate the journey to create “Special Affair” as well as what has inspired it and I’m happy the single is out for the world to hear. Major shout out to Dejah B my co-writer & vocal coach for elevating the song and truly making it a moment.”

Now that things are returning to normal due to the pandemic, Mashich is no stranger to the stage and has done numerous shows at Chuck Alibi, Voltage Lounge, 1122 MMG Studio and more.


For more info on Fa Sho Fire Entertainment and Machich contact:. [email protected]