Melly Rose Makes It on Pandora 2022’s Top List, and It Isn’t Surprising At All!

The Trinidadian artist Melly Rose and Hey Choppi make it on Pandora’s list.

Melly Rose and Hey Choppi are among the top ‘Artists to Watch to 2022: Caribbean’ list featured on Pandora. Pandora is a renowned US subscription-based music streaming service. Melly’s fans weren’t surprised when they got to know that their favorite soca artist got listed on Pandora’s hotlist because of her exquisite, soul-touching music.

The 10 Artists to Watch 2022: Caribbean playlist includes Melly Rose and Hey Choppi from Trinidad and Tobago, as well as Bella Blair, Klassik Frescobar, Indie Allen, Joby Jay, Laa Lee, Yaksta, Kacique, and Projexx from Jamaica.

Each year Pandora lists singers that are most likely to make a quantum leap, establish revered careers, and perhaps join the ranks of other musical prodigies. According to Pandora, the playlists for 2022 delve into a wide spectrum of music genres and styles, from Caribbean and Latin to Afropop to country music.

Melly Rose’s freshly released track, ‘Amazing,’ made it onto Pandora’s hot playlist. On November 2, the soca song was released, and it captured all of Rose’s fans hearts’ like wildfire. Recently, Melly revealed that she thought of music producers Kit Israel and Kyle Phillips when she was thinking about her next track and the type of energy she wanted to exude. After working with them on a prior project, she explained that she wanted to bring their energy together to create something big and phenomenal.

Melly’s hot single, ‘Amazing,’ focuses and talks about showing love and affection to others in these challenging times.

According to Melly, with the demons that roam around on social media and the world in general, it’s imperative that people care about the most important thing in the world: other people.
Melly Rose and the crew sought to write a song that reminds people of the importance of walking hand in hand in love and emphasizes being nice to other fellow human beings. According to her, it also conveys the concept of never giving up on each other.

While ‘Amazing’ is a single, Melly Rose is also collaborating on an EP. She hasn’t decided if Amazing will be on EP, but it will be about events in her life, life experiences, friendships, and other relationships. She had wanted to release the EP at the beginning of this year, but she will now do so in the middle of the year in 2022 since she has other projects she wants to share with the public before releasing the EP.

Only recently, Melly Rose also got featured on BET Soul, New York Times, and MTV. With such skyrocketing progress, it is a hundred percent certain that this Trinidadian singer is going a long way with her touching and awakening songs. We can only expect to see Melly rise to see greater heights in the future, and we wish her the very best!