Meet R&B New Comer De’Apollo @ApollodeGawd


It’s been a couple of years since a bonafide star has emerged, a singer poised to infuse the music world with fresh, young energy. Newcomer Apollo is absolutely that artist.

Fascinated by music since he was a baby, the Atlanta-area native grew up being exposed to a variety of music, courtesy of his parents and older brothers. But while he spent his childhood singing along to many of the songs he heard, he believed his future in the limelight would be as an actor and spent most of his teen years honing that skill. When he realized that music offered him a much better avenue to create and share his own stories, Apollo shifted his aspirations and now he has a hit song called ” Be My Love” getting air-play on V-103 FM.

Apollo is dedicated to developing himself as both a singer and songwriter, “I feel like when you have that supreme confidence in what you want, it works and people gravitate
towards that,” he says.

Over the course of the last four years, Apollo spent every free minute working on his craft, finding instrumentals online and writing songs as an exercise. He puts his all in his career and is excited about his future.