Matt Sanchez is focused on positive energy with new single “Tonight”

Everybody has a story, everybody goes through pain and disappointment, everybody experiences some form of negativity, everybody has emotions. Although everybody can experience things unexpectedly, “Tonight” everybody can choose happiness.

Representing Bronx, NY is an artist by the name of Matt Sanchez who uses music to help himself and the world around them choose a positive way. Understanding that life isn’t easy there is nothing wrong with embracing a world where people can have fun. Matt teamed up with producer Lennox “JR” Willis who provided him a summer pop vibe/Caribbean feel beat that he was able to touch the souls of many with.

Titled “Tonight” Matt Sanchez talks about leaving all the worry, disappointment, bad vibes to the side and choosing “Tonight” to be your night. The night of fun and peace where you share that same mood with like-minded people. This song is easily relatable all while making you want to dance and sing along at the same time.

To bring the song alive even further, Matt released the Official video in April where you can see him and 3 other Friends ride through the city living life the way they want to live it, telling their story and making you to want to join them. The Video is literally a movie of what a bunch of cool friends would do on a normal day where you have each other.

Anyone in any language, anywhere would relate to this song and this type of song is needed in a world we live in today. Listen and see it for yourself as “Tonight” by Matt Sanchez is available on all digital platforms with the official video on YouTube.

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