Lil Cray is Back With “Lil Baby Freestyle” Video @crayforeva

Lil Cray is back with his latest release and video “Lil Baby Freestyle.”

“Lil Cray is a Cleveland, Ohio rapper who is bringing his midwest flow over southern trap beats. He is inspired by rappers such as Lil Snoop and Juice Wrid. Lil Cray was introduced to music after getting into trouble, and was offered an alternative route of joining a music program. At 17, Lil Cray went viral off his first single “Kyrie Irving” gaining more than 3 million listeners on SoundCloud. That was the momentum needed to launch his career into the industry.

The rapper started gaining more traction and recognition after he released his EP Turnt Like Reese. On this project he talks about one of his closest friends, Reese, who is currently locked up, and how he plans to turn up for the both of them.

Lil Cray aspires to reach a diverse audience to tell his story and influence the masses by showing and proving another way to become successful through music. In the future, he wants to work with artist such as Billie Eilish and Tyler the Creator to expand his sound and develop his craft. Lil Cray shows a promising career in the industry as he continues to keep rolling out new singles like “Locked in the Safe” in which he debuted in January at the top of 2021. Letting his fans know that he is coming for everything he wants and deserves, and he plans to to continue to keep delivering quality music.

The new release “Lil Baby Freestyle” is produced by DJ Marc B. The video, produced by CTTN, is now available on YouTube. The song is now available on all streaming platforms.

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