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Were in an industry full of characters who believe their someone there not. Rappers now a days are forced to sell you on a message that relates to someone they proclaim to be. On the contrary were here to to share Konfiidents story of motivation, passion, & endurance into a industry where he belongs. 

KonFiiDent was born in Nigeria and later moved to Canada in 2003.  Growing up in Toronto, Konfiident took lots of criticism for his music, working triple time to get his music and brand to a comfortable place of 100K streams on spotify

The name “KonFiiDent” comes from the word confident which describes Tobi. Taking on the Moniker ofKonfiident as an approach towards life, Konfiident knew his name suited him well. 

Currently living in Atlanta, the Canadian Hip-Hop star is in the studio in LA working on his debut project entitled 

“The Come Up Story” and preparing for international show dates.

Famous was shot in Atlanta as a feel good motivational video for those who plan to never except mediocrity!

Keep an eye & ear out for Toronto MC’s New Project “The Come up Story” sure to impact young MC’s on similar paths.  

Twitter & Instagram: @konfiident