Jus D – Round The Globe (Prod. By Swif) [AUDIO]


Jus D is a seasoned artist hailing from Kansas City, Kansas. His passion for music was recognized at a young age by his mother who recalls him singing classic records around the house.

Jus D currently has 3 projects available online.

His first project, Money Music & Mayhem released in 2012 after Jus D served a 5-year prison sentence. His second project, The Come Up released a few months later in the midst of his older brother and former manager being sentenced to 18 years in prison. His third project, Everything’s Changed was inspired by Jus D’s newly adjusted life outside of prison and new surroundings following the death of his little sister, his mother’s battle with cancer, and his younger brother’s 50-year prison sentence.

Jus D is planning to release a new EP June 28th titled, N.W.O (New World Order) which is inspired by the numerous political and social changes occurring in the world.

His current single “Round The Globe” is produced by Swif and has appeared on several DJ mixtapes earning over 30k views and counting.

“People should listen to me because I put my life into every song, I try to let my spirit take the direction when I tend to create. I’m totally non-fiction. I try to project my art to the average person in America. I make music that you can feel, it’s about feeling with me. I want you to understand it’s real. I feel my music will be able to relate to everyone.”

Jus D’s authenticity and passion for music are what sets him apart from the average artist and his life is a story waiting to be shared with the world.

IG & Twitter @OfficialJusD

Soundcloud @JusD