JLives Warns “Outta Towners” To Proceed With Caution | @iamjlives

JLives offers a candid look inside the streets of Boston while issuing a stern warning to outsiders on the FlexVision-directed mini-movie, “Outta Towners”. J brings the lens to the darkest side of the city where if you’re not careful or cliqued-up properly,  a jux or death sentence could be in your near future. QB alla makes a second verse appearance and help bring this grimy piano ensemble to a close.

Jlives knows the streets quite well. He grew up in the infamous  Heath St Projects with four sisters and a mother who raised him to be a man at a very young age. With his cousin General AB, he began pursuing his music career in 2006. Thru music, he not only shares tales from the hood but also ejects his struggles and pain.

Find the video for “Outta Towners” below: