Jigg Nevamind Drops His Latest Project – The Rheal You ( Album ) @JiggNevamind

South Carolina native Jigg Nevamind who grew up in small town of Batesburg-Leesville, always had a secret passion for music but was always too shy to own up to it. Therefore he didn’t really begin to take music seriously until his middle teen years. He explains, “I started off writing remixes to well known songs in my own version, changing the lyrics around fully but maintaining the same melody and vibe. It was from here I decided to find original beats and began to record over them.


Honestly I wasn’t interested in anything else I was doing other than music. The baseball and basketball professional dreams were fading”.Starting off recording in the closest of a home studio like most, he began to record songs and eventually began to release them around his area and digitally also. Nevamind began to notice the genuine reaction and this made him fall in love with music even more and as his name grew in and around the small town and collaborating with other artist around the South Carolina area, the pieces began to fall into place for Jigg Nevamind.


Stream/Download – https://lnkfi.re/TheRhealYou

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