Liberia’s James Garlimah returns with new music in the form of the audio single, “Caroline” and here’s wehat he had to say concerning the release.

“Caroline” is about a female I met in Atlanta in 2016 on one of my earliest musical journey. She left an impact on me that changed how I view woman for ever. She made me realize that you do not have to “own” everything you love.

Dreams that she has but never taking the proper steps towards them which was in the way of our relationships, so I thought her how to take baby steps and made her see value in her self. My attraction towards “Caroline” allowed her to know her worth and that she is wanted and someone loves her as she is.

“Caroline” was just a name that had a good “Ring” to it that was why I used it but really you can substitute any name for Caroline and the story is relatable enough to make people put them self in the story that I’m telling in this record. Toronto’s own SAUCEboy sent me this beat a year ago and i loved it so much that i just listened to the instrumental until a month ago the melody and cadence came to me naturally and this record was born.