Jahni Denver – “Flavors”

Hollywood residing and Denver, Colorado bred rapper Jahni Denver is back with his new project Coffee N’ Blunts. This time your favorite stoner rapper is back with a cannabis laden project to awaken your morning senses proving the best part of waking up is Coffee N’ Blunts.

From tracks like “Flavors” which was recently posted on DirtyGloveBastard, HipHopSince1987 and Earmilk to “Something Good” the Say Treees team is off and running 2018.

Along with the release of the project, Jahni Denver is dropping a video for “Flavors” that appears to be an IG story with full animation. The video is a ground breaking visual in this new social media age as no video has ever been shot completely through IG story.

“This one is straight for the stoners, it’s only a 15 min EP and its a great way to wake up and start off your day. Wake up in the morning vibe out, drink your coffee, smoke your blunts and get about your day,” Jahni Denver explained. “It’s a 5 track EP for the stoners, just straight positivity. I’m only putting out good vibrations and stoner music and I’m really happy about this project, Coffee N’ Blunts.

Jahni’s highly entertaining new project Coffee N’ Blunts is chock-full of stoner adventures and moments so in anticipation of the release, Jahni will be reviewing the best of the best strains across the country via his new video series on his Instagram and YouTube pages called, The Jahni D Guarantee.

“I test different strains of marijuana and I go in shops across the nation and meet with breeders and growers and really get to the root of the industry and culture. I really feel like I am a pioneer in the industry, growing up in Denver and being part of the medical and recreational wave in the cannabis industry,” Jahni Denver explained. “I’ve toured with a lot of the weed rappers, and I’ve worked with MerryJane.com on a few projects so everything has been rolling in that direction. I’ve always been a connoisseur that people look to for a little bit of direction for cannabis and it’s a good step outside of music into the weed culture which I am very passionate about and so it’s dope.”

Not only does Jahni Denver have his Jahni D Guarantee and the Coffee N’ Blunts project but he also recently launched a lifestyle brand called Say Treees, which encompasses everything Jahni and his business partner Matt.B have built in the cannabis industry including shops, grows and eventually even their own brand of cannabis.

“I’ve come up in the cannabis industry on all levels in multiple states and I’ve always been the go to guy with respect to cannabis knowledge in the industry and now it’s culminating with this Coffee N’ Blunts project and our Say Treees movement” Jahni Denver said. “Make sure to check out our site Saytreees.com for gear and to tune in with the culture!”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gx063tpVN0Q&w=640&h=360]