Izzy Strange – “God’s Got A Gun” | @ishestrange @mikeinsideyou @CasaNada501

Izzy Strange - God's Got A Gun

Izzy Strange presents the visual interpretation of “God’s Got A Gun”, filmed and edited by Beasley’s Corner Bodega’s own, Joshua “Zeus” Thomas. With an abundance of lyrical content found within the verses, Mike Incite brings a sense of calm into the hook.


The video took a total of seven days to shoot and offers two separate story lines. First, we witness two characters at play, the saint and the sinner. Thru the duration of the feature, these characters ultimately come to a collision resulting in a chilling climax. We also pick up on who the mysterious third figure is by the end of the flick. Secondly, viewers encounter Izzy Strange watching “The Devil’s Advocate”. He then proceeds to confession where he begins pouring his feelings out. This leads to a shocking revelation when the curtain is pulled back.

“God’s Got A Gun” is the second video to be released from Izzy from his forthcoming album, “A Good Day 2 B The Bad Guy” and is by far his most thought provoking release to date. The song has subtle nuances both vocal and musically. These eventually build up and come to a close with Strange and the video characters at a cemetery.

That ultimately leaves one to ponder the question, who’s really the one toying with your life, God or Lucifer? Press play above and experience “God’s Got A Gun”.

Afterwards, check out the lead off video from Izzy’s album, “Real Love”, featuring Tahlyn.