Is Your Brand Ready For a Real Promo Run?

Kreative Kollective x Promo Vatican Are Taking Artists On The Road This Summer
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Is Your Brand Ready For a Real Promo Run?

A MAJOR component to expanding the reach of your music and brand beyond your city is a focused promotion run.  A quality promotion run goes far beyond performances.  A good promo run creates an amazing opportunity for the artist (and their team):

  • To engage and build their own relationships with key people in the industry by market
  • To promote their projects directly to consumers through intense Guerrilla Marketiing
  • To secure performance opportunities for the future
  • To build their brand outside of their home market

We have partnered with The Promo Vatican to make this accessible to our subscribers.  Over the last five years, The Promo Vatican has established itself as a top-tier promotional marketing company.  Working with artists, labels, and brands around the globe on various types of campaigns.  In short, when you need to touch the people, The Promo Vatican is who everyone calls.

After much work, we have secured slots for amazing run scheduled from May – August. During these dates, they will be connecting the dots for artists with DJs (mixtape DJs, club DJs, etc), media, various levels of radio personnel, local promoters, and other key music industry professionals.


May 14th Atlanta
May 16th Birmingham
May 23rd – 24th Dallas
May 25th – 26th Open Travel
May 27th Detroit
May 28th Open Travel
May 29th Cleveland ( Memorial Day)
May 30th Indianapolis
May 31st Nashville

June 2nd – June 6th San Francisco

June 11th Birthday Party Medusa Atlanta
June 12th Coast2Coast Show Atlanta & Club Crucial Birthday Party
June 13th Birthday Party Blue Flame Atlanta

Coast2Coast Dates
June 14th New Orleans
June 15th Houston
June 16th Open Travel
June 17th Kansas City
June 18th Des Moines
June 19th Chicago
June 20th St Louis
June 21st Memphis
June 25th Atlanta

July 10th Atlanta
July 11th Alabama
July 12th Little Rock
July 13th Dallas
July 14th San Antonio
July 15th Open Travel
July 16th Nebraska
July 17th Minneapolis
July 18th Milwaukee
July 19th Detroit
July 20th Cleveland
July 21st Indianapolis
July 22nd Nashville
July 30th Atlanta

August 6th Atlanta
August 7th Atlanta
August 12th Memphis
August 13th Oklahoma City
August 14th Kansas City
August 15th St Louis
August 16th Chicago
August 17th Chicago
August 18th Detroit
August 19th – 22nd New York
August 23rd Philadelphia
August 24th Washington DC
August 25th Richmond
August 26th Charlotte
August 27th Atlanta

While on tour with The Promo Vatican their professional staff will help you setup real opportunities to engage groups that will be key to the growth of your brand.  Daily they are helping clients:

DJ Meet & Greets

Radio Meetings


Key Introductions & Meetings

And More

This is an amazing opportunity to grow your brand.  Why pay to go on tour, and for performances in other markets without a sound plan to actually connect the dots?

To take advantage of this offer you need a marketing budget. You will be responsible for travel and lodging in each city, and also responsible for any costs related to your promotion run, including events, studio time, PD dinners, lunches, promotional materials, etc.

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