The land once known as the sovereign of england is the soil in which many iconic level musicians and sound crafters bred from. This area presently known as Hampton Roads is the home of various legendary songwriters and producers that have collectively contributed to over a billion records sold worldwide. Industry greats like Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson , Madonna, and many others have all collaborated with the areas home grown musical pioneers. It would be of no surprise that the next icon worthy hails from such a richly musical region. The Prettyboy is an amazing performer whose velvet vibrato and edgy out of the box stylings are very reminiscent of a legendary icons from Elvis to Prince raised in Diggs Town public housing The Prettyboys early life was far from the glitz and glam that his talent is currently leading him to his fair complexion and singular sense of style made him a target for people looking to show of or act tough. Unfortunately for those people looks have a way of being deceiving and he was never as they say “a easy lick” He humbled more than a few wanna be neighborhood thugs trying to make a name at his expense. The prettyboy is a real street dude who only recently decided to pick up music at a urging of his grandmother who recognized his gift way before he himself did. Finding music was not only a natural passion but in many ways has become his savior considering the direction his life would have token without it. He has literally emerged himself in crafting his soulful sound which he feels is both ahead of its time while having an old school timeless appeal. He is currently in the studio working on his introductory release that he feels will invoke and uplift spirit of his listeners. Music has gotten so cookie cutter and commercial and Pretty boy is committed to shattering the barriers that hold artist in shackles of conformity in his words listening to him should feel like listening to a masterful painting being brought to canvas. Everything about Prettyboy should feel iconic as if art itself has just entered your space. Prepare yourself for Prettyboy because considering where he comes from greatness shouldn’t be too hard to follow stay tuned…..