Greener Days

HXTXG continues to campaign his explosive “Blind For Love” EP and debuts the self-directed, Legit Looks shot “Greener Days” visual

After creating his own empire in the streets of South Florida, rapper HXTXG (aka Kid Buu) ventured into the trap music scene heavily. He quickly gained the respect of DJ Khaled and landed a song early in his career with Migos with “White Vans”. Since then, the rapper has linked with OOHDEM BEATZ to create a project called “Blind For Love” with features from Ski Mask The Slump God and RonnyJ.

With his kingpin mindset, HXTXG is eager to destroy anything in his path- reflecting his name Kid Buu. Kid Buu is a character from Dragon Ball Z that is very symbolic of his lifestyle and presence. He is the source of all evil and the God of all destruction. He even sacrifices his own body to destroy whole planets. He is ready to destruct the rap game for what you know it as today.