Entrepreneur Spotlight: No Reach No Problem ‘Dash Pouch’

Palm & Co Dash Pouch Commercial


Entrepreneur Spotlight: No Reach No Problem ‘Dash Pouch’ Made By Bowie State’s Amber Palm I love when I have the opportunity to speak to creators and inventors, especially amongst young innovators like Baltimore native 17 year old Amber Palm! The intention is pure and purposeful, to protect drivers behind the wheel. With a gifted mind and passionate heart she created the ‘Dash Pouch’ in thought of her brother Travis Custis, a young black man who at any moment could become the next Philando Castile or Freddy Gray. Her fears fueled the creation of the ‘Dash Pouch’ with wanting to prevent ways of experiencing an escalated traffic stop. With today’s political tension around the election, repeated killings of blacks after encountering the police and protests, Amber feels it’s needed now more than ever. Her target demographics are college students, African Americans and just expanding across the country. When I asked about her challenges as a young entrepreneur she said, “Getting the product manufactured and dealing with the demand was at first overwhelming but easier.” The product is easily assembled by attaching the adhesive to your designated area on your dash. The ‘Dash Pouch’ is intended for multiple experiences whether the officer asks the driver or reaches themselves, the focus is to support hands remaining visible. She aims to complete her Business Administration degree at Bowie State University and expand into marketing as well. Some other interests she holds are in the arts like drawing and rapper Megan Thee Stallion. She wanted to share that it’s difficult being an African-American woman today because we don’t get enough support. With her family being a big support system especially her mother, sister and brother along the way, Amber has completed pop-up shops, media press and as she describes, “a sense of peace.” You can find Amber Palm & the ‘Dash Pouch’ on IG via @theerealamber and @dashpouch! Support a black owned business today!

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