Cuatro Cinco Unleashes “2045”: A Sonic Journey into Hunger and Artistry

Chattanooga’s own Cuatro Cinco is breaking musical boundaries with his latest release, “2045.” Officially released on February 11th, 2024, this track marks the next evolution of Cuatro Cinco’s distinctive sound, promising a sonic experience that exceeds expectations.

Cuatro Cinco revealed that the motivation behind “2045” is sheer hunger. Positioned as the next level of Gloss, the artist describes the track as a Public Service Announcement to the world, boldly declaring his presence and artistic skill. The song encapsulates Cuatro Cinco’s unapologetic approach to his craft, leaving listeners anticipating the unexpected.

What makes “2045” special to Cuatro Cinco is the freedom it provides for his rapping ability to flow unrestrained. The artist aims to keep his supporters guessing about his next move, and this track serves as a testament to Cuatro Cinco’s evolving artistry.

One standout line from the song goes, “All for myself I see you want a piece, Talk about war when you really want peace, I really own it you still tryna lease, Told you I’m really on it you cannot compete.” This lyric encapsulates the raw and unfiltered nature of Cuatro Cinco’s narrative in “2045.”

Cuatro Cinco’s focus for the year is on business, belief in his singles, and connecting more deeply with his supporters. With an emphasis on creating generational wealth for his family, Cuatro Cinco is poised to leave a lasting imprint on the music industry, solidifying his status as a boundary-pushing artist from Chattanooga, Tennessee.