BossLyfe Jaz aka Marquis Pounds hits heavy with new single “Morgan Freeman”

The streets are a ugly place, survival could be its enemy or best friend depending on your situation. Cards are dealt differently and usually unfavorable, but with all that when you find a way to come up there is nothing to stop you.

BossLyfe Jaz aka Marquis Pounds is a artist out of Atlanta, Georgia who knows how it feels to be down and come up. Locking in with producer Pablomcr he had the opportunity to use dope drums that hit to deliver the dope song Morgan Freeman. “I used to Rob Peter to Pay Paul” is a saying that is known all too well when you struggling to make it day by day.

When the tables turn and you come up, now you on a different plane. The clothes are drippy, the jewels icy, the woman come through consistently and as always, the haters accumulate. These are part of the game of success and BossLyfe Jaz is at this point in his life where “Morgan Freeman” is the right song to explain it.

Overall, the production, engineering and delivery of the song is official.

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