AztroGrizz – Mountain G.O.A.T.S (Official Video) | @AztroGrizz

AztroGrizz – Mountain G.O.A.T.S (Official Video)

The newest funkadelic, gritty hip hop singing duo out of Colorado. AztroGrizz is a creative collaboration between Denver natives Jon Grizzly (Jon) and Lewis Sterling (Ster). The perspective of their music is to present hip hop with a new edge. The style of their music takes their audiences on a journey of empathy and understanding. The various elements of their newly released song, Light up the night is synonymous with creative and personal freedom that is conveyed to the audiences. The duo’s prolific take on life takes the listener on a journey from a darker past to a bright future. Listen to the song on Spotify and follow them on Instagram for more updates. Watch their music videos, listen and get to know AztroGrizz.

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