Following the release of her “Dimension” lyric video, California Pop artist AZRA returns for the release of her official music video.

In the sexy clip, AZRA is seen in a warehouse carrying out choreographed dance moves with a team of dancers, while in other scenes she is captured running and jogging in deserted lands.

“Dimension” is the Asian American singer, songwriter, and dancer’s first release since last year’s ‘Freedom’ EP.

During her hiatus AZRA was actively consulting for a number of top fortune 100 companies all over the globe while working on her new music, artistry and touring.

Now, she is back making more music for people around the world to enjoy, She describes her music as “a new sound with the same inspiring message.”

“Forget about how it’s supposed to be. Make your own how-to’s in life,” she said. “Because being yourself is the best rebellion. Music is my passion and inspiration is my mission.”

Watch the video below! “Dimension” is now available HERE for purchase.