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Alec Bolen

Alec Bolen

Twenty-three year old emcee Alec Bolen debut his love fueled “Rosewater” EP; a self-reflective, relationship memoir presented over soothing Hip Hop sound beds

St. Helens, Oregon artist Alec Bolen splashes out of the Soundcloud platform and makes his official musical debut with “Rosewater”. The seven track EP centers around relationships, love and emotions as told from a first person perspective. Alec’s lyrics bursts way past the paper margins as he delivers said content in a wide range of speeds. His selection of production is extremely soulful, all the while journeying into experimental sounds such as heard on songs like “Seasons”. The roots of the short album are embedded in a classical Hip Hop element. He excels on the lead single/video, “Autumn to Winter”, then showcases R&B elements on “Petals” and “Light Travel”.

“Rosewater” strays away from the standard song structure of three verses/three hooks, making it that much more unique in listening experience. It’s an experience that Bolen designed personally to encourage listeners to play the entire album throughout rather than sculpting filler material over singles. Hip Hop enthusiasts will appreciate this motive greatly. There very well may be a feature video coming from the EP this year along with another new album to follow. Stay tuned for new announcements and releases as they come. In the meantime, stream “Rosewater” on Spotify, located up above.

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