[Album] HippieX – Hippie vs X

Hippie X is an American artist, performer, and song writer out of Pittsburgh, PA with ties from of Los Angeles, CA and Atlanta, GA. Growing up as the oldest child of five and an absent father from her upbringing, X’s childhood was ca

American artist, performer, and songwriter Hippie X is here with her debut EP Hippie vs X The Social Engagement Experiment. With production from Billboard chart topper producer Drumgod and City both out of Atlanta, and Banger, Icey Instrumentals, and Fly Marshall all out of Pittsburgh. The project features guest appearances from SK Tha Villian, YNV Mak, and Gwola.
Coming out of Pittsburgh, PA by way of Atlanta, GA, and Los Angeles, CA Hippie X has made quite the name for herself over the years. As an extremely versatile artist it’s hard to pin her down to one genre of music. Her upbeat and vibrant sounds sways between Pop and Hip-Hop, where she makes one feel good and want to move. However, she also has those heavy hitter Rap beats packed with drums where she gets a bit more edgier, and street with the storytelling. To date the multifaceted artist Hippie X has released many singles and videos including her most popular “Party Girls” produced by Stevie B. Hippie vs X The Social Engagement Experiment, the EP gives a glimpse of her artistry showing X’s versatility and growth as an artist. Using her captivating, high-octane and genre-fluid compositions as a creative outlet in which to share the story of her life.

Full of heart and determination, it is evident that Hippie X is on her way to stardom. As she brings not only the real thats been missing, but the fun back to music.


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