Introducing ‘New Beginnings’ End of Life Doula Services

The term “doula” means “one who serves”. Lynette Johnson’s Death Doula Services offer holistic companionship to people who are nearing the end of their lives and to their families.

She provides non-medical, practical, emotional and spiritual support for the individual who is facing the end-of life, and their loved ones saying good-bye. Lynette educates and empowers individuals to make decisions on their own end of life and final burial or funeral.

Lynette’s focus is to provide loving support and honor the specific wishes of the client/family to facilitate a comfortable, peaceful, and meaningful death.

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About Lynette Johnson
Warrenton, GA Native Lynette Johnson started her journey in healthcare in 2008. As a Patient Care Assistant, Johnson gained a multitude of experience which led to a career with Hospice. Lynette became inspired to assist others coping with transition and death soon after her husband passed due to illness.

Her interest peaked as she discovered her natural talent in the industry of healthcare and transition support. She enrolled in the International Association of Professionals (IAP) College to become a certified Death Doula. She is certified to coach those who are in need of guidance as they deal with death.

Lynette Johnson has assisted many individuals and families who are in need of guidance as they deal with death. Ms. Johnson knows first-hand what that feels like.