H.G Chico – Sabotage @Hgchico1


“Sabotage” is a hip-hop video with artists H.G Chico and TabascoKid. They track includes explicit lyrics with a dark melody and heavy 808’s.

H.G Chico is a hip-hop and rap artist originally born in Ecuador and currently based out of the Bronx, NY. H.G Chico brings a unique style to modern hip-hop and creates what is known as drip music. While H.G Chico started creating music at the young age of 15 in 2012, it wasn’t until 2017 when he started taking the art seriously. He has grown a following on Instagram and has released professionally filmed music videos on his YouTube page, such as his latest single “Sabotage.” His biggest success has been posted on the “No Jumper” YouTube page for his single “Know That.” H.G Chico is a artist on the rise and making a name for himself in NYC at the age of 22.


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