[EP] Young E Class – Bag Season @Mobishyoung

The highly anticipated EP, Bag Season was released by the former prisoner, now CEO and founder of Mob Ish Records, Young E Class. Listening to Bag Season, your able to feel Young E Class’ passion as  he talks about his painful past and struggles growing up a product of his environment. Bag Season clearly illustrates Young E Class love for the streets in his song, “Ties to the Hood” and his chase for the bag!

You can’t help but respect his hustle. As some may know, Young E Class released this EP one year after being released from prison from serving 13 years. Which he goes into detail about it in his song “Paid My Dues”. The rapper features his latest hit “Left Wrist” which created a high buzz on social media leading his fans to start a “Left Wrist” challenge. Bag season wraps up with a uptempo song
“Bad Women”. This song giving the females fans something special!

Available now on various digital outlets [CLICK HERE]

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