[EP] Jeff Stones ‘Rather Be Distant’

Jeff Stones releases his 7 track EP “Rather Be Distant “ . From Start to finish stones held nothing back in this project. Jumping right into it with “No Free Love” expressing his emotions for the people that took his kindness for weakness. Then being open about his self issues with “Can’t save me” having to confess his suicidal thoughts , self doubting , and loneliness. But with all problems occurs in life , we must solved and “let go” as Stones states on the last track on the EP, as he embraces the fight to end depression. Not many artists tends nor wants to be an open book , but Stones is not afraid for music fans to read his stories. “Rather Be Distant “ EP is out now on all platforms. [EP] Jeff Stones 'Rather Be Distant'  

Stream/Purchase: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/rather-be-distant/1455705809

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